Public Health Act 2010 (NSW) - Level 3

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An Act to improve the health of the people of NSW through provisions for public health programs for the following purposes - Management of infectious diseases; Immunisation programs for control of vaccine preventable diseases; Controls for operators of air and water handling systems requiring monitoring of quality and intervention where required; Prevention of certain diseases such as Cervical Cancer through the keeping of registers for screening programs; Programs controlling funeral industry activity in the interests of public health; Limitations on sale & advertising of tobacco with the aim to reduce the uptake of smoking within the community; Classification of, and associated policies and procedures for notification and control measures for notifiable diseases (as defined in Schedule 3 of the Act). Schedule 1 of the Act groups medical conditions into 5 categories - requiring varying response & notification points as indicated. The Act defines restricted health services that must only be performed by approved medical practitioners; prescribes procedural matters to promote the safety of drinking water through reporting and provision of public advice re safety status; and provides for the issue, enforcement, duration, and appeal of 'public health orders' in the interests of public health.

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