Report Non-Compliance

Non-Compliance/Non-Conformance Reporting

Why do we need to ensure the University is ‘compliant’?

Failure to meet relevant Commonwealth and State Legislation and University Rules and Policies can result in serious consequences for the University and its officers, including lawsuits, fines and in certain circumstances criminal penalties.

What is non-compliance and non-conformance?

Non-compliance occurs when there is a failure to comply with a legislative obligation/s (this includes legislation, By-laws and Rules). Non-conformance occurs when a University Policy document is not complied with. Non-compliance and non-conformance can occur, for example, through human error, technical issues, misinterpretation of the obligations, or through a deliberate act.

If you are aware of an non-compliance/conformance or potential non-compliance/conformance event you need to report it using the Non-Compliance Event Report.

Why report non-compliance/conformance?

Reporting an actual or potential non-compliance/comformance event is the responsibility of all UNE Representatives. Reporting assists in the prevention and resolution of issues while supporting the University to meet its compliance requirements.

If the non-compliance event is in relation to a:

  •  privacy matter please report it here.
  • health or safety matter – refer to the SafetyHub 


How do I report non-compliance/conformance?

To report an actual or potential non-compliance/conformance event, please complete a Non-Compliance Event Report. This information will be sent to the Records, Policy and Governance Team for review and assessment. 

What happens Next?

The Records, Policy and Governance (RPG) Team will review the information and determine if a non-compliance/conformance event has occurred. If a non-compliance/conformance has occurred RPG will support the impacted area to resolve the event. This may include notification to a relevant external agency.

You may be contacted by RPG to discuss your report and to examine appropriate action for the management of the event.

All actual and potential non-compliance/conformance events will be recorded in the UNE Non-Compliance Register and will be reported to Council via the Audit and Risk Committee, the Vice-Chancellor, the Executive Team Committee and impacted UNE Representatives.