Ombudsman Act 1974 (NSW) - Level 1

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This Act provides for the appointment of an Ombudsman, and defines the functions of the Ombudsman including investigations, conciliations, and reporting. Subject to certain conditions, any person (including a public authority) may complain to the Ombudsman about the conduct of a public authority (all NSW public universities are public authorities over which the Ombudsman has jurisdiction). Whilst complaints are the primary mechanism to trigger an investigation by the Ombudsman, an investigation may take place whether or not a complaint has been received.

For the purposes of an investigation under this Act, the Ombudsman may require the University to: give the Ombudsman a statement of information; produce to the Ombudsman any document or other thing; or give the Ombudsman a copy of any document. In addition, the Ombudsman may, at any time enter and inspect any premises occupied or used by a public authority as a public authority, and inspect any document or thing in or on the premises.

Relevant Compliance Frameworks

Legislation, Standards and Codes may be linked to one or more of the University's compliance frameworks either as the driver of the requirements, or as a component of the framework.

The relevant frameworks are listed below.