NSW State Records - Standard on the physical storage of state records (NSW) - Level 1

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This Standard sets out the minimum compliance requirements for the storage of those State records which have a physical format, including:
- paper files and documents
- volumes and registers
- maps, plans, charts and drawings
- photographic media including photographic prints and negatives, film, microforms, and x-rays
- magnetic media such as digital tape, video and audio cassettes, and
- optical media such as CDs and DVDs.

This standard does not cover the storage of digital records in online systems or network servers.

The principles of this standard require NSW public offices to make decisions and take action to ensure that the storage of records is effective in protecting records from deterioration and are cost efficient. The principles are:
- Authorisation
- Location and buildings
- Environmental controls
- Shelving and packaging
- Maintenance
- Identification and control, and
- Security.
Each of these principles is supported by mandatory compliance requirements. Compliance with this standard will be monitored by State Records and reported on in its Annual Report.
There is a compliance timetable indicating how the requirements of the standard are to be implemented and by what dates. Public offices will be advised in advance of any compliance monitoring activities.

Relevant Compliance Frameworks

Legislation, Standards and Codes may be linked to one or more of the University's compliance frameworks either as the driver of the requirements, or as a component of the framework.

The relevant frameworks are listed below.