Crown Land Management Act 2016 (NSW) - Level 4

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The objects of this Act areā€"
(a) to provide for the ownership, use and management of the Crown land of New South Wales, and
(b) to provide clarity concerning the law applicable to Crown land, and
(c) to require environmental, social, cultural heritage and economic considerations to be taken into account in decision-making about Crown land, and
(d) to provide for the consistent, efficient, fair and transparent management of Crown land for the benefit of the people of New South Wales, and
(e) to facilitate the use of Crown land by the Aboriginal people of New South Wales because of the spiritual, social, cultural and economic importance of land to Aboriginal people and, where appropriate, to enable the co-management of dedicated or reserved Crown land, and
(f) to provide for the management of Crown land having regard to the principles of Crown land management.

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