National Redress Scheme for Institutional Child Sexual Abuse Act 2018 (Cth) - Level 2

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(1) The main objects of this Act are:

(a) to recognise and alleviate the impact of past institutional child sexual abuse and related abuse; and

(b) to provide justice for the survivors of that abuse.

(2) For the purposes of achieving those objects, the objects of this Act are also:

(a) to establish the National Redress Scheme for Institutional Child Sexual Abuse; and

(b) to provide redress under the scheme which consists of:

(i) a monetary payment to survivors as a tangible means of recognising the wrong survivors have suffered; and

(ii) a counselling and psychological component which, depending on where the survivor lives, consists of access to counselling and psychological services or a monetary payment; and

(iii) a direct personal response to survivors from the participating institutions and partly‚Ä'participating institutions responsible; and

(c) to enable institutions responsible for abuse of survivors to participate in the scheme to provide that redress to those survivors; and

(d) to implement the joint response of:

(i) the Commonwealth Government; and

(ii) the government of each participating State; and

(iii) the government of each participating Territory;

to the recommendations of the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse in relation to redress.

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