Modern Slavery Act 2018 NSW (NSW) - Level 1

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An Act to make provision with respect to slavery, slavery-like practices and human trafficking and to provide for the appointment and functions of an Anti-slavery Commissioner; and for other purposes

The objects of this Act are to combat modern slavery, provide assistance and support for victims of modern slavery, provide for an Anti-slavery Commissioner, provide for detection and exposure of modern slavery that may have occurred or be occurring or that is likely to occur, raise community awareness of, and provide for education and training about, modern slavery,
to encourage collaborative action to combat modern slavery, provide for the assessment of the effectiveness and appropriateness of laws prohibiting modern slavery and to improve the implementation and enforcement of such laws, provide for mandatory reporting of risks of modern slavery occurring in the supply chains of government agencies and commercial organisations, make forced marriage of a child and certain slavery and slavery-like conduct offences in New South Wales and to further penalise involvement in cybersex trafficking by making it an offence to administer a digital platform for the purpose of child abuse material.

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