Industrial Relations Act 1996 (NSW) - Level 2

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The Act establishes the Industrial Relations Commission of NSW and defines functions, procedures, and powers of the Commission. The act seeks to to provide a framework for the conduct of industrial relations in NSW, with participation by employees, employers and representative bodies of employees and employers. The Act allows for the registration of representative bodies for employees (Unions and other such organisations) and employers; it defines criteria for registration and also de-registration. Further, the Act provides regulation of employment through awards, enterprise agreements and other industrial instruments, and provides for resolution of industrial disputes by conciliation and/or arbitration. The Commission has the power to issue orders to individuals and registered organisations and these instruments require compliance. There are provisions under the Act to protect the rights of females in the workplace (particularly in the event of pregnancy, planned pregnancy, adoption etc) and minimum entitlements for all workers with respect to sick leave, victims leave etc as well as rights and procedural details for unfair dismissal claims.
Under the Act, it is an offence to contravene an order issued by the Commission, or otherwise hinder the operation of the Commission (refuse entry to inspectors with Search Warrant, fail to disclose information, disclose details of trade and other financial secrets in contravention of direction by Commission etc).

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