Workplace Injury Management and Workers Compensation Act 1998 (NSW) - Level 2

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An Act to provide for the effective management of work-related injuries and injury compensation for such injuries. The Act has provisions for prompt treatment of injuries; effective and proactive management of injuries, medical and vocational rehabilitation following injuries; income support for injured workers and their dependents during incapacity, payment for permanent impairment or death, and payment for reasonable treatment and other related expenses. This Act (the 1998 Act) works to ensure appropriate management of injuries.

The University has Workers Compensation Insurance and as such claims for compensation for work related injuries will be dealt with by the University's insurer. The University has obligations to notify the insurer of such claims and to provide information to the insurer in relation to those events in a timely manner. Where the insurer pays the University an amount in compensation of a claim on behalf of an injured employee, the University must pay that amount to the injured employee as soon as practicable.

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