Anatomy Act 1977 (NSW) - Level 3

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An act to regulate the performance of 'anatomical examinations' (does not include post mortem). The use of a body for medical or scientific purposes includes using the body for educational activities for medicine or science. Under the Act a register of persons who have donated parts of their anatomy to the University must be maintained with details as prescribed by the Act.The Act confers powers on the Director General to issue a licence for anatomical examinations; the license, issued to a person or the holder of an office in charge of the conduct of anatomical examinations at the University, provides for conduct of anatomical examinations at specified place per terms and conditions as listed on the license. Each body to be used for anatomical examinations must have a valid authority to be used for that purpose. The act defines how a valid authority may be established. Further, to enable the lawful conduct of the examination, the act requires the person wishing to conduct the examination to have lawful possession of the body. The Act also regulates the period for which a body may be used for such examinations; and, the conditions surrounding transfer of the body or tissue and disposal of the body.

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