Human Tissue Act 1983 (NSW) - Level 3

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The Act deals with a variety of matters, the common element of which is the use of tissue, including blood, from either a living or dead body for medical, scientific or therapeutic purposes. The Act deals with: 1. Donations of tissue by living adults and children; 2. Blood donations; 3. Removal of tissue after death; 4. Post-mortem examinations and 5. Prohibition of the trade in tissue.
Under the Act, donations of tissue by living persons must fulfil the criteria of 'Consent'; Donations of tissue from deceased persons primarily relies upon the fulfilment of the requirement for appropriate 'Authority'. It is an offence under the Act to take or receive donations of tissue without appropriate Consent or Authority to do so. Further, the Act establishes that, it is an offence to trade in human tissue. This Act has relevance for the University in the area of human research and teaching activities utilising human tissue.

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