Mental Health Act 2007 (NSW) - Level 4

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An Act to make provision with respect to the care, treatment and control of mentally ill and mentally disordered persons and other matters relating to mental health.

The objects of this Act areā€"
(a) to provide for the care and treatment of, and to promote the recovery of, persons who are mentally ill or mentally disordered, and
(b) to facilitate the care and treatment of those persons through community care facilities, and
(c) to facilitate the provision of hospital care for those persons on a voluntary basis where appropriate and, in a limited number of situations, on an involuntary basis, and
(d) while protecting the civil rights of those persons, to give an opportunity for those persons to have access to appropriate care and, where necessary, to provide for treatment for their own protection or the protection of others, and
(e) to facilitate the involvement of those persons, and persons caring for them, in decisions involving appropriate care and treatment.

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