Roads Act 1993 (NSW) - Level 4

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An Act to make provision for the roads of NSW.

The objects of this Act areā€"
(a) to set out the rights of members of the public to pass along public roads, and
(b) to set out the rights of persons who own land adjoining a public road to have access to the public road, and
(c) to establish the procedures for the opening and closing of a public road, and
(d) to provide for the classification of roads, and
(e) to provide for the declaration of TfNSW and other public authorities as roads authorities for both classified and unclassified roads, and
(f) to confer certain functions (in particular, the function of carrying out road work) on TfNSW and on other roads authorities, and
(g) to provide for the distribution of the functions conferred by this Act between TfNSW and other roads authorities, and
(h) to regulate the carrying out of various activities on public roads.

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