State Emergency & Rescue Management Act 1989 (NSW) - Level 4

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An Act relating to the management of State emergencies and rescues. Under the Act, the Premier has the ability to declare that a 'state of emergency' exists in the whole or part of NSW when there is significant and widespread danger to life and or property in the state. The Act establishes the State Disasters Council and deals with emergency management at the State, District and Local levels via respective emergency management committees and emergency operations controllers. The Act allows for expeditious measures to be taken during a 'state of emergency' bypassing usual steps to ensure that emergency officers are able to perform such functions as necessary to promote safety (eg: evacuation by order; other safety measures such as to take possession or use property for the purposes of responding to the emergency). It is an offence under the Act to hinder emergency services officers in the execution of their duties during a 'state of emergency'.

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