Radiation Control Act 1990 (NSW) - Level 3

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An Act to make provision for the regulation and control of the sale, use, keeping and disposal of radioactive substances and radiation apparatus.

(1) The objects of this Act are as followsâ€"
(a) to secure the protection of persons and the environment from exposure to ionising and harmful non-ionising radiation to the maximum extent that is reasonably practicable, taking into account social and economic factors and recognising the need for the use of radiation for beneficial purposes,
(b) to protect security enhanced sources from misuse that may result in harm to people or the environment,
(c) to promote the radiation protection principles.
(2) The radiation protection principles are as followsâ€"
(a) justification of a practice by assessing that the benefits of the practice involving exposure to ionising radiation outweigh any detriment,
(b) optimisation of protection by ensuring that each of the following is kept as low as reasonably achievable taking into account economic and social factorsâ€"
(i) the magnitude of individual doses of ionising radiation,
(ii) the number of people exposed to ionising radiation,
(iii) the likelihood of exposure to ionising radiation,
(c) dose and risk limitation by setting dose limits or imposing other measures so that the health risks to any person exposed to ionising radiation is kept below levels that are generally considered to be unacceptable.
(3) A person is to take the radiation protection principles into consideration when exercising functions under this Act or under a licence.

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