Radiation Control Act 1990 (NSW) - Level 3

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This Act makes provision for the regulation and control of the sale, use, keeping and disposal of radioactive substances and radiation apparatus. The Act establishes the Environment Protection Authority (EPA) as the regulatory authority and provides for a licensing system (administered by the EPA) to regulate handling and use of radioactive substances and apparatus. The Act requires that:
- any person using radioactive substances or irradiating apparatus hold a licence.
- Owners of sealed source devices and certain radiation apparatus must register the item and ensure that persons using the item are authorised to do so by a licence.
- Occupiers of premises on which unsealed radioactive sources are housed must register the premises and ensure persons using the radioactive substance are authorised to do so by a licence.
Licences are issued by the EPA for one year.
Students using radioactive substances or apparatus are exempt from holding a licence only if they have approval from an appropriate licence holder. The University must obtain an appropriate radiation licence where using or holding radioactive substances and radiation apparatus and must comply with licence conditions. The University must ensure that facilities, equipment and procedures that meet the requirements for registration are in fact registered with the EPA. Where University premises have unsealed radioactive sources (kept or used) they must be registered with the EPA.

Relevant Compliance Frameworks

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