Circuit Layouts Act 1989 (Cth) - Level 2

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This Act provides for the protection of certain layouts for integrated circuits. Circuit layouts are the layout designs or plans (topographies) of integrated circuits used in computer-generated equipment. They are sometimes referred to as computer chip or semi-conductor chip designs. Circuit layouts are usually highly complex and the intellectual effort in creating them is considerable and may be of great value. An integrated circuit or chip made from a layout is vital in all kinds of electronic devices, from pacemakers to personal computers.

Circuit layout rights automatically protect original layout designs for integrated circuits and computer chips - the owner of a layout design is not required to register it to be granted rights. While these rights are based on copyright law principles, they are a separate, unique form of protection.

The owner of an original circuit layout has the exclusive right to:
- copy the layout in a material form
- make integrated circuits from the layout
- exploit it commercially in Australia.

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