Cybercrime Act 2001 (Cth) - Level 4

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The object of this Act is to address the increasing problems emerging from online business in the area of IT security. Activities such as hacking, spreading of computer vriuses and website interference are now criminal offences as this legislation adds a new part to the Commonwealth Criminal Code; amends the Crimes Act and other associated legislation.
The Act creates three major and four less serious computer offences. Major offences include:- 1. Unauthorised access, modification or impairment with the intent to commit a serious offence. 2. Unauthorised modification of data with recklessness as to the results of this modification. 3. Unauthorised impairment of electronic communications.
Less serious offences - (i) Unauthorised access or modification of restricted data; (ii) unauthorised impairment of data held on computer disk; (iii) Possession or control of data with intent to commit computer offence (iv) producing, supplying, controlling data with intent to commit computer offence.
Specific application to the University of an indirect nature - where crime committed by individuals on University property or by University employee. Where the University becomes aware of commission of a crime, appropriate reporting to relevant authority must take place to ensure no aiding / abetting in commission of crime.

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