National Health Security Act 2007 (Cth) - Level 5

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An Act to provide for National Health Security which seeks to
(a) provide a national system of public health surveillance to enhance the capacity to identify, and respond to, significant public health events including the occurrence of:- certain communicable diseases; certain releases of chemical, biological or radiological agents; public health risks; overseas mass casualties; and
(b) provide for the sharing of information with the World Health Organization; and countries affected by an event relating to public health or an overseas mass casualty; and
(c) support the Commonwealth, States and Territories in giving effect to the International Health Regulations.
The University has obligations under this legislation specifically related to Security Sensitive Biological Agents (SSBA). Entities/facilities handling SSBA are required to maintain and review:- records of authorised/ approved personnel; incident reports; inventory records; decontamination procedures; transport, handling and management of SSBA; SSBA risk assessment and risk management plans; Policy, procedures relating to SSBA.

Relevant Compliance Frameworks

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