Poisons and Therapeutic Goods Act 1966 (NSW) - Level 3

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An Act relating to the regulation, control and prohibition of the supply and use of poisons, restricted substances, drugs of addiction, certain dangerous drugs and certain therapeutic goods; and to establish a Poisons Advisory Committee. The Act may apply to the University in a variety of capacities including but not limited to the University's research activities, teaching activities, delivery of Health and Veterinary Services and in the Facilities Management storage of chemicals used for landscape management.
The Poisons List is established by the Act comprising eight schedules which categorise substances according to their classification (e.g. S4, S8). The classification system is based upon managing availability of substances eg- substances that may be dangerous if carelessly managed or misused and substances that may produce an addiction will have differing classification, supply, handling and storage requirements to those whose availability may be required more quickly for therapeutic purposes.
The Act has a number of provisions for the manufacture, wholesale supply, general supply, distribution, storage and dispensing of therapeutic goods or poisonous substances, and prescribes varying levels of licensing required for these activities for the different classifications of substances.
Offences under the Act include the improper manufacture, supply, receipt, distribution, storage and handling of substances covered by the Act.

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