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On this page you will find a list of legislation and legislative instruments applicable to compliance management at UNE.  Clicking on the name will take you to more information, where a link is provided.  This may be an external website or document.

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  • Hazardous Waste (Regulation of Exports and Imports) Act 1989 (Cth) - Level 4An Act to provide for the regulation of the export, import and transit of hazardous waste, and for related purposes
  • Health Care Complaints Act 1993 (NSW) - Level 4An Act to provide for the making, resolution, investigation and prosecution of health care complaints; to constitute a joint committee of members of Parliament, the Health Care Complaints Commission and the Health Conciliation Registry and to specify their functions; to amend certain Acts; and for other purposes.
  • Health Care Liability Act 2001 (NSW) - Level 4An Act to make provision with respect to the recovery of damages for injury or death caused by medical practitioners and other health care providers; to make professional indemnity insurance compulsory for medical practitioners and to regulate the provision of that insurance; to protect medical practitioners, nurses and certain other health practitioners from liability when providing voluntary health care in an emergency; and for other purposes.
  • Health Insurance Act 1973 (Cth) - Level 4An Act passed in Australia that introduced Medicare, a universal healthcare plan.
  • Health Practitioner Regulation (New South Wales) Regulation 2016 (NSW) - Level 4Regulations made under Health Practitioner Regulation National Law (NSW).
  • Health Practitioner Regulation National Law 2009 (NSW) - Level 4Legislation relating to the regulation of health practitioners and for related purposes.The Health Practitioner Regulation National Law is applied (with modifications) as a law of NSW by the NSW Health Practitioner Regulation (Adoption of National Law) Act 2009 . This version is the Law as it applies in NSW.
  • Health Records and Information Privacy Act 2002 (NSW) - Level 1An Act to promote fair and responsible handling of health information by:
    (a) protecting the privacy of an individual's health information that is held in the public and private sectors, and
    (b) enabling individuals to gain access to their health information, and
    (c) providing a framework for the resolution of complaints regarding the handling of health information.
    The Act applies to every organisation that is a health service provider; or that collects, holds or uses health information. Further, the Act, establishes the requirement that the University must comply with the Health Privacy Principles and the Health Privacy Code of Practice
    Health Privacy Principles (Collection of information must be lawful, relevant, direct and open; Storage of Information must be secure; Information must be transparent and accessible; Recorded information must be correct and accurate; Use and disclosure of information must be for the purpose for which it was collected; Persons are entitled to anonymity when lawful and practicable; Information must be controlled and information can only be linked across more than one organisation when express consent is provided).
  • Health Records and Information Privacy Regulation 2022 (NSW) - Level 1
  • Health Services Act 1997 (NSW) - Level 4This Act establishes a system of Area Health Services (AHS) for the provision of health services throughout the state; the Act defines 'public health service' and provides for purpose and functions of the AHS. Further, the Act provides for Statutory Health Corporations and their boards; Affiliated Health Organisations and the Ambulance Service of NSW.
  • Healthcare Identifiers Act 2010 (Cth) - Level 4An Act to provide for healthcare identifiers, and for related purposes.
  • Heritage Act 1977 (NSW) - Level 3This act provides for the identification and registration of items of State or Local Heritage significance. The Act seeks to protect and conserve items of State or Local Heritage significance through the operation and establishment of the Heritage Council of NSW and its associated functions. The Act provides for a State Heritage Register where items of State or Local Heritage significance can be listed and also provides for the issue of Heritage Orders by the Minister or the Heritage Council to control potential developments that may harm the heritage value of the item. Heritage Item may mean place, building, work, relic, moveable object or precinct.
  • Heritage Regulation 2012 (NSW) - Level 3A regulation made under the Heritage Act 1977 covering fees and forms for application, permits, certificates, evidentiary evidence and conservation management plans; minimum standards of maintenance and repair and specific guidance in Division 1 regarding building works and relics; Division 2 regarding ruins and moveable objects; and division 3 regarding inspections.
  • Higher Education (Amalgamation) Act 1989 (NSW) - Level 5An Act to provide for the amalgamation with various universities of various colleges of advanced education and other educational institutions. The Armidale College of Advanced Education was abolished and property vested in UNE.
  • Higher Education Funding Act 1988 (Cth) - Level 2The operation of this Act allows the Commonwealth to make grants of financial assistance to the University. Under the Act, the Commonwealth can impose conditions on these grants to ensure appropriate levels of accountability for such public investment.This Act requires that the State Government ensure that the University gives to the Minister, not later than the 30th September of each year, a statement by a qualified auditor, in the approved form, as to the expenditure of the institution for operating purposes or for limited operating purposes. The State government must also ensure that the University gives to the Minister, not later than such date as the Minister specifies, such statistical and other information as the Minister requires from the University in respect of the provision of higher education by the University during that year.
  • Higher Education Standards Framework (Threshold Standards) 2021 (Cth) - Level 1The Threshold Standards are a subset of the Higher Education Standards Framework specified under subsection 58(1) of the TEQSA Act.

    Effective 1 July 2021 these standards revoke and replace the Higher Education Standards Framework (Threshold Standards) 2015.

    To sunset on 1 October 2031
  • Higher Education Support (Student Learning Entitlement) Guidelines 2021 (Cth) - Level 1This instrument provides for various administrative and operational matters to support the operation of Part 3-1 of the Higher Education Support Act 2003.
  • Higher Education Support (Student Services, Amenities, Representation and Advocacy) Guidelines 2022 (Cth) - Level 1Higher Education Support (Student Services, Amenities, Representation and Advocacy) Guidelines 2022.
  • Higher Education Support Act 2003 (Cth) - Level 1An Act relating to the funding of higher education. This Act primarily provides for the Commonwealth to give financial support for higher education through grants and other payments made largely to higher education providers; and through financial assistance to students (usually in the form of loans). The University is required to give to the Minister statistical and other information the Minister requests regarding the provision of higher education and compliance with this Act. The University must provide the information in a form approved by the Minister.
  • Higher Education Support Act 2003 - Fee-Help Guidelines 2017 (Cth) - Level 1The FEE HELP Guidelines set out:

    1. Eligibility for bridging studies for overseas-trained professionals
    2. Professional occupations and assessing bodies
  • Higher Education Support Act 2003 - OS-HELP Guidelines 2013 (Cth) - Level 1OS-HELP is a loan available to eligible students enrolled in a Commonwealth supported place who want to undertake some of their study overseas. OS-HELP can be used for a range of expenses such as airfares, accommodation, and other travel or study expenses. Students may receive one loan per six-month study period and can access a total of two OS-HELP loans over their lifetime.

    OS-HELP debts are accumulated into other higher education debts that a student might have (such as their HECS debt) and repaid in the same way as other HELP debts.

    To sunset on 1 October 2023
  • Higher Education Support Amendment (Jobâ€'Ready Graduates and Supporting Regional and Remote Students) Act 2020 (Cth) - Level 1An Act to amend the law relating to higher education and social security, and for related purposes
  • Human Rights (Sexual Conduct) Act 1994 (Cth) - Level 5An Act to implement Australia's international obligations under Article 17 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.
  • Human Tissue Act 1983 (NSW) - Level 3The Act deals with a variety of matters, the common element of which is the use of tissue, including blood, from either a living or dead body for medical, scientific or therapeutic purposes. The Act deals with: 1. Donations of tissue by living adults and children; 2. Blood donations; 3. Removal of tissue after death; 4. Post-mortem examinations and 5. Prohibition of the trade in tissue.
    Under the Act, donations of tissue by living persons must fulfil the criteria of 'Consent'; Donations of tissue from deceased persons primarily relies upon the fulfilment of the requirement for appropriate 'Authority'. It is an offence under the Act to take or receive donations of tissue without appropriate Consent or Authority to do so. Further, the Act establishes that, it is an offence to trade in human tissue. This Act has relevance for the University in the area of human research and teaching activities utilising human tissue.