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UNE Compliance Register

This Register lists the compliance drivers (Commonwealth, NSW and international laws and other statutory instruments, and industry, community and ethical standards and codes) that impact on University activities and operations, to the extent that the University has some obligation of compliance or accountability.

The currently documented drivers are listed below in alpha-order by title.  Click on the title to access a detailed overview.  You can also search the register to find all of the compliance drivers and obligations relevant to your activities and the people who can help with your compliance responsibilities.

Note: the Register is being continually enhanced, with drivers and obligations added and amended as required.

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  • Modern Slavery Act 2018 (Cth) - Level 1This Act requires entities based, or operating, in Australia, which have an annual consolidated revenue of more than $100 million, to report annually on the risks of modern slavery in their operations and supply chains, and actions to address those risks. Other entities based, or operating, in Australia may report voluntarily.

    The Commonwealth is required to report on behalf of nonâ€'corporate Commonwealth entities, and the reporting requirements also apply to Commonwealth corporate entities and companies with an annual consolidated revenue of more than $100 million.

    Reports are kept by the Minister in a public repository known as the Modern Slavery Statements Register. Statements on the register may be accessed by the public, free of charge, on the internet.
  • Multicultural NSW Act 2000 (NSW) - Level 2This Act constitutes Multicultural NSW and establishes the multicultural principles as the policy of the State of NSW, and accordingly the University (as a public authority) must observe the multicultural principles in conducting its affairs. The multicultural principles refer to both individuals and institutions, and in relation to NSW institutions state that all institutions should:

    - respect and make provision for the culture, language and religion of others within an Australian legal and institutional framework where English is the common language.
    - recognise the linguistic and cultural assets in the population of New South Wales as a valuable resource and promote this resource to maximise the development of the State.

    Under the Act it is the responsibility of the Vice-Chancellor/CEO to ensure the multicultural principles are implemented throughout the University.

    The Multicultural Policies and Services Program (MPSP) is a whole of government program, led by Multicultural NSW, assisting public authorities to implement the multicultural principles and to report on their accountabilities in this area. The MPSP Plan is the basis of reporting