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Compliance Driver Health Practitioner Regulation National Law 2009 (NSW)
Classification Level 4
Local area requirement, managed locally .
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Administrative Body Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency
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Administrative Phone 1300 419 495
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VC Compliance Delegate Jen Williams, Dean Faculty of Medicine and Health
Compliance Coordinator Jen Williams, Dean Faculty of Medicine and Health
Business Units Impacted
  • Faculty of Medicine and Health
  • School of Health
  • School of Psychology
  • School of Rural Medicine
  • School of Science and Technology
Overview The Health Practitioner Regulation National Law establishes a national registration and accreditation scheme for the regulation of health practitioners and the registration of students undertaking programs of study that provide a qualification for registration in a health profession; or clinical training in a health profession. A health practitioner is defined as an individual who practices a health profession. A health profession means the following professions (including a recognised specialty in any of the following professions-):

(1) Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health practice;
(2) Chinese medicine;
(3) chiropractic;
(4) dental (including the profession of a dentist, dental therapist, dental hygienist, dental prostheses and oral health therapist);
(5) medical;
(6) medical radiation practice;
(7) nursing and midwifery;
(8) occupational therapy;
(9) optometry;
(10) osteopathy;
(11) pharmacy;
(12) physiotherapy;
(13) podiatry;
(14) psychology.

The objectives of the national registration and accreditation scheme are to:
(a) provide for the protection of the public by ensuring that only health practitioners who are suitably trained and qualified to practise in a competent and ethical manner are registered; and
(b) facilitate workforce mobility across Australia by reducing the administrative burden for health practitioners wishing to move between participating jurisdictions or to practise in more than one participating jurisdiction; and
(c) facilitate the provision of high quality education and training of health practitioners; and
(d) facilitate the rigorous and responsive assessment of overseas-trained health practitioners; and
(e) facilitate access to services provided by health practitioners in accordance with the public interest; and
(f) enable the continuous development of a flexible, responsive and sustainable Australian health workforce and to enable innovation in the education of, and service delivery by, health practitioners.

The Health Practitioner Regulation National Law is applied (with modifications) as a law of NSW by the NSW Health Practitioner Regulation (Adoption of National Law) Act 2009.