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Compliance Framework
Compliance Driver Census and Statistics Act 1905 (Cth)
Classification Level 3
Centrally managed, local area(s) requirement.
Associated Legislation None
Associated Standards None
Associated Codes None
Associated Information None
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Administrative Body Australian Bureau of Statistics
Administrative Name
Administrative Address Mailing Address
NSW Office
GPO Box 796
Sydney NSW
Australia, 2001
Physical Address
Level 10
44 Market Street
Sydney NSW
Australia, 2000
Administrative Phone 1300 135 070
02 9268 4909
Administrative Email  
Administrative Website
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VC Compliance Delegate Sandra Matthews, Chief Financial Officer (Acting)
Compliance Coordinator Sandra Matthews, Chief Financial Officer (Acting)
Business Units Impacted
  • Academic Quality Directorate
  • Business Intelligence and Data Governance
  • Financial Performance and Analytical Services
  • Human Resource Services Directorate
  • Office of the Chief Financial Officer
  • Research Services
Overview The Census and Statistics Act 1905 (CSA) provides the Australian Statistician* with the authority to conduct statistical collections, including the Census of Population and Housing, and, when necessary, to direct a person to provide statistical information. The Act requires the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) to publish and disseminate compilations and analyses of statistical information and to maintain the confidentiality of information collected under the Act.

*the Australian Bureau of Statistics Act 1975 establishes and defines the functions the functions of the ABS, establishes the office of Australian Statistician and describes the terms under which the Australian Statistician can be appointed to, and removed from, office.