Compliance Overview

Compliance Framework
Compliance Driver Native Vegetation Act 2003 (Not in Force) (NSW)
Classification Level 5
Compliance expected, not reportable.
Associated Legislation None
Associated Standards None
Associated Codes None
Associated Information None
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Administrative Body NSW Office of Environment & Heritage
Administrative Name
Administrative Address Physical Address
Head Office
Level 14, 59 -61 Goulburn Street
Sydney NSW
Australia, 2000
Mailing Address
P.O. Box A290
Sydney South NSW
Australia, 1232
Administrative Phone 131 555
02 9995 5000
Administrative Email
Administrative Website
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VC Compliance Delegate Peter Creamer, Chief Operating Officer
Compliance Coordinator Patrick Crick, Operations Services Manager
Business Units Impacted
  • Facilities Management Service Directorate
  • Office of the Chief Operating Officer
Overview This Act regulates the clearing of native vegetation on all land in NSW, except for excluded land listed in Schedule 1 of the Act. The Act outlines what landowners can and cannot do in clearing native vegetation. The Act has relevance for the University as a landowner.