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Compliance Driver National Parks and Wildlife Act 1974 (NSW)
Classification Level 2
University-wide requirement. Lower impacts.
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Administrative Body NSW Office of Environment & Heritage
Administrative Name
Administrative Address Physical Address
Head Office
Level 14, 59 -61 Goulburn Street
Sydney NSW
Australia, 2000
Mailing Address
P.O. Box A290
Sydney South NSW
Australia, 1232
Administrative Phone 131 555
02 9995 5000
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VC Compliance Delegate Jo Scanlan, Chief Operating Officer
Compliance Coordinator Bradley Nixon, Associate Director Operational Services
Business Units Impacted
  • Estate and Built Environment
  • Office of the Chief Operating Officer
Overview The Act is a broad piece of legislation that covers a number of different areas including reserving lands, managing certain reserved lands, the protection of Aboriginal objects and places, the protection of fauna and the protection of native vegetation.

Reserved land types include:
* National parks
* Historic sites
* State conservation areas
* Regional parks
* Karst conservation areas
* Nature reserves;
* Aboriginal areas
Each of the different types of reserved land must be governed according to a set of management principles in the Act. The Chief Executive of the OEH (Office of Environment & Heritage) has responsibility for the care, control and management of all national parks and historic sites, unless there is a board of management for the park or site. The Chief Executive of the OEH is responsible for ensuring that all reserved lands under the Chief Executive’s care, control and management are covered by a Plan of Management as soon as practicable following reservation.

The Act makes special provision relating to the reservation, lease and management of Aboriginal lands and lands subject to native title claims.

This Act is relevant to the University as the Newholme Field Laboratory surrounds the majority of the Duval Nature Reserve which has a plan of management. A plan of management is a legal document that outlines how a reserve will be managed in the years ahead.

Compliance Obligations

Return to Top Submit Annual Possum Catch and Release Activity Report
Description Provide details of any catch and releases that have taken place in the last 12 months under Possum Catch and Release Licence MWL000103671
Impacts Non-compliance, unable to renew licence.
Responsible Manager Bradley Nixon, Associate Director Operational Services
Coordinating Officer Suzannah Mitchell, Environmental Sustainability Manager
Coordinating Unit Estate and Built Environment
Oversight Committee/Group None
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