Compliance Overview

Compliance Framework
Compliance Driver Independent Commission Against Corruption Act 1988 (NSW)
Classification Level 1
University-wide concern. Impacts on reputation and funding.
Associated Legislation
Associated Standards None
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Administrative Body Independent Commission Against Corruption
Administrative Name
Administrative Address Physical Address
Level 7
255 Elizabeth Street
Sydney NSW
Australia, 2000
Mailing Address
GPO Box 500
Sydney NSW
Australia, 2001
Administrative Phone 1800 463 909
02 8281 5999
Administrative Email
Administrative Website
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VC Compliance Delegate Kate McNarn, Director Governance and University Secretary
Compliance Coordinator Carlos Chica Villadiego, Head, Internal Audit
Business Units Impacted
  • Internal Audit
  • Office of the Vice-Chancellor and CEO
Overview The Act constitutes the Independent Commission Against Corruption in NSW (the Commission) as an independent and accountable body with special powers to inquire into allegations of corruption and with the following responsibilities: (i) to investigate, expose and prevent corruption involving or affecting public authorities and public officials, and (ii) to educate public authorities, public officials and members of the public about corruption and its detrimental effects on public administration and on the community.

The University, as a public authority, is within the jurisdiction of the Commission and the Vice-Chancellor (as the principal officer) has the duty to report to the Commission any matter where there is a reasonable suspicion that corrupt conduct has occurred or may occur.

Offences under the act are in the realm of obstructing justice (destroying evidence, failure to produce documents, provision of misleading evidence, hindering the conduct of an investigation, bribery of witnesses, procuring false testimony). Further, the Act prohibits the University as an employer from dismissing or disciplining an employee on account of assistance to the Commission.