Compliance Overview

Compliance Framework
Compliance Driver Renewable Energy (Electricity) Act 2000 (Cth)
Classification Level 3
Centrally managed, local area(s) requirement.
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Administrative Body Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water
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VC Compliance Delegate Jo Scanlan, Chief Operating Officer
Compliance Coordinator Bradley Nixon, Associate Director Operational Services
Business Units Impacted
  • Estate and Built Environment
Overview The Act seeks to:

(a) to encourage the additional generation of electricity from renewable sources; and
(b) to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases in the electricity sector; and
(c) to ensure that renewable energy sources are ecologically sustainable.

The university has reporting obligations under the Act and its associated Regulations.

Compliance Obligations

Return to Top Annual Return - electricity Generation
Description Regulation 18(1)(l) of the Renewable Energy (Electricity) Regulations 2001 requires an annual electricity generation return to include the details of any breach of the conditions of a permit, or conviction for an offence, under any Commonwealth, State, Territory or local government law related to the operation of the power station during the year.
Responsible Manager Bradley Nixon, Associate Director Operational Services
Coordinating Officer Suzannah Mitchell, Environmental Sustainability Manager
Coordinating Unit Estate and Built Environment
Oversight Committee/Group None
Business Units Impacted
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